New Jersey's Democratic Senator Menendez faces charges: took bribes, gold bars, abusing power both domestically and internationally.

Federal indictment: Bold plot unfolded through secret dinners, texts, encrypted calls, to boost Egypt aid, NJ businessmen.

Menendez's wife, Nadine, allegedly facilitated communication with American-Egyptian businessman Wael Hana linked to Egypt's authorities.

Menendez rebuked prosecutors, expressing confidence in successful resolution with full facts presentation

Friday's charges blend New Jersey's gritty politics with Middle East security intricacies in Mr. Menendez's case.

The charges are a recent chapter in Menendez's career, spanning school board to Senate, with past corruption allegations and a mistrial.

Governor Murphy urged Menendez to resign, prompting widespread calls for his departure from New Jersey's political leaders.

Menendez informed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of his resignation as Foreign Relations Committee chairman per Senate Democratic rules.

Menendez faces charges for a broader corruption scheme, meddling in NJ businessmen's criminal investigations tied to his campaign.

Menendez suggested Sellinger as NJ U.S. attorney to influence a case but failed; Sellinger remained impartial.