Film Review : No One Will Save You

Film Review : No One Will Save You

Brian Duffield's latest film, "No One Will Save You," is a promising sci-fi horror feature.

Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever) lives a solitary life until her home is invaded by an otherworldly creature, challenging her past.

"No One Will Save You" excels with its creative use of sound, relying on minimal dialogue for tension.

Brynn's smart, proactive character engages viewers, while Duffield's architecture expertise transforms the house from charming to chilling.

Brynn's intelligence and Duffield's masterful use of architecture create a suspenseful scene.

The script should focus on Brynn's story and not the cat-and-mouse sequences.

Duffield's film lacks a focus and is confusing, with repetitive sequences that undermine the themes of the film.

No One Will Save You is a sci-fi film with creative intentions, but the execution is lacking.

Dever's performance is excellent, but the film's confusing plot and repetitive sequences undermine its potential.

No One Will Save You is a sci-fi film with a promising start, but it lacks the necessary focus and execution to deliver a satisfying story.