What did Millie Bobby Brown say about Drake in 2018? Rapper breaks silence on controversy in new song

Millie Bobby Brown said Drake is a great friend and a mentor to her

She said he is always there for her and gives her advice on her career and personal life

She also said he is a funny and nice guy

Some people criticized the friendship because of the 18-year age gap between them

However, Brown said she is mature for her age and that she can handle the friendship

She also said that she is not in a relationship with Drake

In 2022 Drake rapped about the controversy surrounding his friendship with Brown

He said that he is proud of her and that she is a talented young woman

Brown has said that she is grateful for Drake friendship and that she is lucky to have him in her life

She has also said that she is excited to see what the future holds for their friendship

It is unclear if Brown and Drake are still friends in 2023