Why kevin mccarthy removed - A Historic House vote

Historic House vote ousts Kevin McCarthy shakes Congress and sets a new political precedent

McCarthy last-minute deal with House Democrats crumbled leading to his stunning removal

Matt Gaetz bold move triggered the vote that ended McCarthy tenure as House speaker

McCarthy's removal marks a unique event in the history of the United States Congress

With McCarthy out, the House faces an uncertain future and leadership vacuum

Patrick McHenry steps in as speaker pro tempore, tasked with temporary leadership duties

House rules dictate the process for electing a new speaker after McCarthy's removal

The search for the next House speaker begins, with no clear frontrunner in sight

Republicans and Democrats may need to build a coalition to select the new speaker

Expectations are high for a complex and challenging speaker election proce

The shadow of McCarthy concessions and past battles looms over the search for a successor

Without a new speaker the House faces potential legislative paralysis and uncertainty ahead